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Welcome to the Jaguar Class







Welcome to the Jaguar team. This year you will be taught by Miss Glover and supported by Mrs Rose, Mrs Milner, Mrs Wright and Miss Tierney. We have a wonderful year of learning ahead of us with lots of opportunities to grow as independent, enthusiastic and creative individuals.

Although Year 6 can be recognised as an academically challenging year, it is also filled with exciting opportunities to increase our independence, and explore new prospects. As in our class charter, we will respect, support, and be kind to each other to ensure our success throughout the year.

This page is for our parents and children to use together. It includes information about what Y6 are learning, key dates, homework and helpful websites. 

Please click here to download the Y6 Topic Long Term Plan 

Please click here to download the Y6 Maths Long Term Plan 

Please click here to download the Y6 Writing Standards 


Spring Term

Our topic for Spring 1 is ‘The Valuable or Vulnerable Victorians’

In this topic we will explore what life was like in the Victorian era, how the reformation changed children’s lives, and Queen Victoria’s reign of the English Monarchy!

In English we will continue our hard work by starting the term off with writing a narrative! This will be linked with our topic of the Victorians where we will write about a child from the workhouse making a break for freedom! Following on from this and continuing our linked learning we will be creating a balanced argument discussing the impact of the reformation on both the valuable and vulnerable Victorians.

In Maths we will be recapping place value to support our first topic, decimals. In this topic we will be exploring where and how decimals are used such as with money and fractions as decimals. Similarly, this work will support us moving onto percentages while also supporting us consolidating our fractions learning.

In History we will be identifying and researching key dates and events that occurred throughout the Victorian Era and creating a detailed timeline to evidence this. In addition, we will understand what life was like throughout the Queen Victoria reign for both adults and children, specifically looking at workhouse children such as Oliver Twist! Within this topic we will research how the Victorians lived while exploring more deeply the Victorian slums and the demographics which were succumbed to this.

In Science we will be experimenting with forces such as gravity, and exploring how objects can be adapted using a range of forces.

In RSHE we will cover a variety of topics with different curriculum links such as plant and animal reproduction (Science), the importance of money (Maths) and how our pupils can be great citizens.


Our topic for Spring 2 is ‘Life Cycles of Plants. This unit adds to the work on life cycles of animals which we studied at the beginning of the year. We will look at how plants reproduce and how we can clone plants. Some of the book we will enjoy this half term can be seen below. 

In English we will be exploring even more of our genres to expand our writing portfolio. This will include balanced arguments, play scripts and many more. We will also look at persuasive arguments which will provide some great discussion on some interesting topics relating to our subject knowledge of science, RSHE and RE.

In Maths we will start our term by converting units. We will look into metric and imperial measures, alongside calculating measurement through perimeter, area and volume. Later on in the term, we will use our knowledge to help us work with statistics and properties of shapes.

In Science, we will start by investigating the life cycles of plants. We will look to identify plants through classification and draw attention to a plants general structures and function.  Alongside this, we will investigate a plants inner structures through a dissection investigation and build our knowledge to produce a scientific information leaflet.

In RSHE, we will develop our knowledge and understanding of medicinal drugs and alternate drug classifications. We will look to understand their significance in a modern society and analyse the influence they hold. We will also develop our knowledge on stored health information and build up our understanding of saving a life. 

In Art we will draw upon our Science knowledge and look to create an observational drawing of a variety of plants/flowers. We will also create a flower print piece, alongside using mixed media to create different effects.    

In Computing, we will develop our knowledge of sharing information through a variety of different medias.


For more information on individual subjects please visit the 'Curriculum' tab.


Important Information 

Our P.E days will be Monday and Thursday. 

Our weekly Spanish lesson will be on Wednesday.


Dates for Your Diary

World Religion Day celebrations - 16th January 

SATs information meeting - 17th January - 3:15pm

Chinese New Year celebrations - 23rd January 

Parent workshop - 2nd March 

World Book Day - 3rd March 

Holi Day celebrations - 8th March

British Science Week - 13th March


Home Learning

Each half term, we will send out a bingo grid for you to complete at home. Tick off an activity once you have completed it. It would be lovely to see any pictures or completed pieces of homework!

Other home learning activities for Autumn are:

Read to an adult at least 4 times a week for 15 minutes each time.

Roll a dice 6 times to get a Hundred thousand number, what number do you get? Can you round it to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000 Repeat.

Practise your spellings

Practise all your times tables up to 12 x 12 on TTRockstars. What about in reverse?


Useful Websites

Rising Stars

CPG Books 

Third Space Learning

Parent Kind

The School Run