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At Waverley Junior Academy we have a Safeguarding Team but all adults in school have a responsibility to promote and safeguard the welfare of children.  We constantly seek to identify and overcome barriers to learning as this is an important part of the partnership between school and families.

Our systems are designed to:

  • Prevent unsuitable people working with children and young people
  • Promote safe practice and challenge poor and unsafe practice
  • Identify instances in which there are grounds for concern about a child’s welfare and give adults in school the route for them to take the appropriate action


There are different posters displayed around school to help advise anyone who has a safeguarding concern. These include posters with information on how to contact the Safeguarding Team, posters displaying the 9 Protected Characteristics and posters about which documents are important to guide us. Leaflets about important agendas including prevent can be found in key locations.

The document 'Keeping Children Safe in education' can be downloaded here. 

School takes the appointing of new staff very seriously and follows the ‘Safer Recruitment’ advice from the Local Authority. Our staff and volunteers are all DBS checked to ensure all our pupils stay safe.

Any visitors into school report to the main office where they show identification and sign in. Visitors who are DBS checked are given a green lanyard. Visitors who are not DBS checked are given a red lanyard and remain supervised by a member of staff at all times. All lanyards include key safeguarding information. 

Should you wish to discuss child protection and the safety of your child, or indeed any other topic involving your child, please feel free to contact any member of the safeguarding team:

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead – Mrs Cathryn Keeton, Principal
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads – Mrs Rachel Bolton, Mrs Claire Rose, Mrs Carol crookes & Miss Koren Foster 
  • Governor with Responsibility for Safeguarding - Mr John Barton
  • ACET Designated Safeguarding Lead – Cheryl Barquero



Important Policies 

Safeguarding Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy 

E-Safety Policy 

Further policies can be found in the policy section


Contextual Safeguarding 

Contextual Safeguarding is an approach to understanding, and responding to, young people’s experiences of significant harm beyond their families. It recognises the different relationships that young people form in their neighbourhoods, schools and online. 

We have provided support for children, parents and carers with how to stay safe online on our E-Safety page. 

At Waverley Junior Academy we are extremely lucky to have pupils from many different cultures and religions and we have developed a school culture that promotes diversity in our classrooms. Teaching children how to live in a society where every individual is unique and how to connect with peers and neighbours with diverse backgrounds and abilities is invaluable. More information can be found on our Diversity page. 

It is also important to consider the potential dangers within our local area. 

As Waverley Junior Academy is close to the Waverley Lakes, Ulley Reservoir and Rother Valley Country Park, it is essential we teach our children about Water Safety

At Waverley Junior Academy we are very lucky to live and work in one of Yorkshire’s largest ever developments. However, we need to be mindful that there are a number of potential hazards that come with living near a building site and teach our pupils the importance of Construction Site Safety


Fire Drill 

Each half term the whole school takes part in a 'fire drill' to ensure all pupils and staff know how to evacuate the academy safely. These take place on different days and at different times to guarantee we are prepared for all situations. 

We are very proud of our records with over 500 people out of the building and accounted for in 3 to 4 minutes each time.