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Eco Warriors

At Waverley Junior Academy we want all children to feel valued. One of the ways we do this, is to give children extra responsibilities and ensure they understand how important and appreciated their role in our school is. 

The role of an Eco Warrior is a very important one. These children have been chosen to promote ways to make our school more sustainable and encourage everyone to be more mindful of our world. The Eco warriors are considerate of the environment and come up with ingenious ideas to help save the planet!

Meet our amazing Eco Warriors...





Eco Warriors News

Recycling Week 

To celebrate Recycling Week, the Eco Council arranged for every class to work together to create their class animal out of recyclable materials! We think you’ll agree that they all fantastic!
A big thank you to all those who brought in materials to contribute to the project.


An exciting announcement

Waverley Junior Academy have achieved their Bronze Eco School Award! The children were thrilled and are already busy ticking off steps towards the silver award.


Making plans 

The Eco Waverley Warriors had a meeting to discuss their action plan. They wrote their own minutes for the meeting and came up with some excellent ideas that we will share with you soon!



Our First Meeting 

The Waverley Eco Warriors held their first meeting today. They have decided that their first eco focus is going to be helping support marine life. They also thought of some fantastic ideas to help Waverley achieve the Bronze Eco Award!

As a reward for their commitment, they were the first pupils to visit our allotments. They will play a crucial role in developing this area.