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Road Safety

At Waverley Junior Academy we are very lucky to live and work in one of Yorkshire’s largest ever residential developments. However, this means the roads around Waverley can be very busy and it is important you understand how to stay safe.

Tip for parents/carers - One of the best ways to help children learn about staying safe is to talk to them when you’re out and about. When you’re with them and need to cross the road it is helpful to explain to them: why you’re choosing a certain place to cross, why you’re waiting, how many times you’re looking left and right before crossing, why it’s safe to cross the road – when you’re crossing.

The Green Cross Code

The Green Cross Code is very important and tells us how to cross the road safely. You should always follow the steps below.

Think - Find a safe place to cross the road. Where possible cross at a zebra/pelican crossing, subway, foot bridge or traffic island. If this isn’t possible, remember to cross where you can see in all directions and where drivers will see you.

Stop - Just before you get to the kerb, stop. Stand on the pavement near the kerb and make sure that you can see the traffic. DO NOT step on to the road.

Look and listen - Look all around you for traffic. Make sure that you listen carefully for traffic that you can’t see. Check to your right hand side first, then check to your left and then to your right again before you cross.

Wait - If you are waiting at a crossing then wait until the cars have stopped or the green man shows. If you are not at a crossing wait until it is safe to cross.

Look and listen again - Once the traffic has passed look around again and listen.

Cross safely - When it is safe and there is no traffic, walk straight across the road. Look and keep looking while you cross.

The Tales of the Road booklet, which can be downloaded below, shares more details of the Green Cross Code. You will also find advice on roller skating, cycling, road marking and much more.

These short videos include advise on how to stay safe when crossing the road and songs to help you remember the important steps!

Stayin' Alive 

King of the Road


Junior Road Safety Officers

At Waverley Junior Academy we want all children to feel valued. One of the ways we do this, is to give children extra responsibilities and ensure they understand how important and appreciated their role in our school is. 

The role of a Junior Road Safety Officer is a very important one. These children have been chosen to promote road safety within the academy and local community. They also encourage active travel! 

Meet our amazing Junior Road Safety Officers...




Road safety week – 15th – 21st November 2021

The theme of Road Safety Week this year was ROAD SAFETY HEROES. We celebrated the heroic work of road safety professionals and discussed how we can all play a part in making journeys safer for everyone.


Be Bright Be Seen

As part of our Road Safety Week, on Wednesday 17th we held a ‘Be Bright Be Seen’ day. The children were invited to wear bright clothes and bought reflective key rings, zip pulls, wrist bands, and stickers.


This short videos include advise on how to stay when you are out in the dark

Glow in the Dark



FS and KS1 


All ages