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School Council 

At Waverley Junior Academy we want all children to feel valued. One of the ways we do this, is to give children extra responsibilities and ensure they understand how important and appreciated their role in our school is.

The role of a School Councillor is a very important one. We have held elections and each class have selected 2 school councillors to represent their class at meetings and events throughout the year. They have receive a badge to wear to identify them in school. 

Meet our amazing School Council...






School Council News

Christmas Spirit 

The School Council have had a fantastic morning decorating Catcliffe Post Office ready for Christmas. A huge thank you to Terry and his team for inviting us. The children loved having the freedom to make the shop look festive in their own way. Another big thank you to Catcliffe Morrisons for the selection boxes for our pupils, it is very kind if you. Finally well done to the children, you did an amazing job representing Waverley Junior Academy.



Waverley Scarecrow Competition 

This week the School Council had the honour of judging the Waverley Scarecrow Competition. This year's theme was 'Sporting Heroes' and we saw many amazing creations! The children used the design criteria to help make their decision and they took the responsibility very seriously. Thank you to the Waverley Events Team for asking us to be part of the event. The children really enjoyed being out in the community and made Waverley Junior Academy very proud with their impeccable behaviour and enthusiasm. 



An Author Visits 

The School Council have been given the exciting job of providing inspiration to the fantastic author Chris Madeley. Chris writes a set of book called ‘The Cones’ and she is wanting to write a book based in Waverley. The children told Chris all the things they love about where they live and what the school is like! Hopefully the next time we see her, we’ll get to meet her in person and see the finished book. For more information about Chris and her brilliant stories please visit her website