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Curriculum Planning 

At Waverley Junior academy all pupils will have access to the same curriculum entitlement whether they be in attendance at the academy or accessing education through remote learning.

We will ensure that all pupils accessing work remotely continue to learn and make progress. 


Teachers will provide daily lessons and activities as set out in the Remote Learning Policy and Plan

Below are details of the curriculum for each key stage and the Medium Term Planning classes will follow for the Spring Term.

These documents can be used if you would like to complete additional tasks with you child. 


Foundation Stage 

At Waverley Junior Academy we have signed up to be an 'Early Adopter' and we are trialing the new version of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum that becomes statutory in September 2021. The EYFS curriculum is divided into the 7 areas of learning: Personal, Social & Emotional Development, Communication & language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding The world and Expressive Arts & Design.

Please click here for the development matters for each FS room. These start on page 13. 

Children in FS0 are following the 'Birth to 3' statements. 

Children in FS1 are following the '3 and 4 year old statements'  and 

Children in FS2 are following the 'In Reception' statements. 


Please click here to download the MTP for the Elephant Room 

Please click here to download the MTP for the Penguin Room 

Please click here to download the MTP for Turtles & Wolves 


Key Stage 1 & 2

The children in Key Stage 1 and 2 follow The national Curriculum. Please click here to download it.

ACET have used this curriculum to develop Long Term Plans for each subject. These can be found on the subject pages of the website under the curriculum tab. 


Please click here to download the MTP for Pandas, Whales & Sharks. 

Please click here to download the MTP for Bears, Tigers and Leopards 

Please click here to download the MTP for Jaguars