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Eco Warriors

At Waverley Junior Academy we want all children to feel valued. One of the ways we do this, is to give children extra responsibilities and ensure they understand how important and appreciated their role in our school is. 

The role of an Eco Warrior is a very important one. These children have been chosen to promote ways to make our school more sustainable and encourage everyone to be more mindful of our world. The Eco warriors are considerate of the environment and come up with ingenious ideas to help save the planet!

Meet our amazing Eco Warriors...

Eco Warriors News

Recycling Week 

To celebrate Recycling Week, we had a visit from Rebecca who works for RBD waste management. She led an assembly all about reducing, reusing and recycling. We learnt lots of interesting facts like recycling one glass bottle provides 4 hours’ worth of energy! All the children from FS2 – Y6 received a pencil made from recycled plastics as a reminder about the importance of recycling.


Throughout school, we also created lots of different pieces of art work made from recycled materials to represent our class animals. There were collage animals, bee bug hotels, plant pots and more!


An exciting announcement

The Eco council last year worked super hard in completing the Eco Schools action plans and targets. The final declaration was sent off over the summer and we extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded our Green Flag Award for all our hard work! We have ordered a flagpole to be able to fly our flag with pride! This year’s Eco Council will be looking at what we can do next to maintain our Green Flag and make our school even more Eco Friendly.


World Tree Planting Day

Last year, we applied to be part of the Queen’s Green Canopy, to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. We were lucky enough to win the bid, and as a result, we were given 410 saplings! All children from FS2 – Y6 took part in planting the trees on our school field with Mr Hayselden and a company called Michael Page, who promote sustainability. The children had a fantastic time planting the trees and we can’t wait to see the saplings grow! There will hopefully be some more planting opportunities later on in the year, and Mrs Walton is going to attempt to complete a bid for us to get some apple trees, so we can begin to create our own orchard!