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Giraffes (Y2)

Welcome to the Giraffe Class









Welcome to Giraffe class with Miss Hughes and Mrs Pilcher. This page is for our parents and children to use together. It includes information about what Y2 are learning, key dates, homework and helpful websites.

Please click here to download the Y2 Topic Long Term Plan

Please click here to download the Y2 Maths Long Term Plan 

Please click here to download the Y2 Writing Standards 


Welcome to Giraffe class. We have an exciting year in store for you all and can’t wait to get started with our first term of learning. Giraffe class is home to Miss Hughes and Mrs Pilcher. We are really looking forward to getting started and to develop the children’s understanding of the Year 2 curriculum.  

Here are some books that we will read in the first few weeks of being in giraffe class: 


Autumn Term

Our topic for Autumn 1 is called ‘At the shops’.

Key Vocabulary that we will study during our topic ‘At the shops’

Chronological            Difference            Similar           Range                      Depth                  

Past                             Present                 Then              Now                         Timeline

Time period               Continuity            Decade          Technology

Learning what these words mean will help you during this topic.


In English we will learning all about the different sentence types by starting to ask questions about our class animal to later help us gather information to write a short fact file all about giraffes. We will also be writing a recount of our trip to Morrison’s to learn more about food production and the different parts of the supermarket. Our narrative writing will be focussed around the traditional tale of the Gingerbread man when the children will start to write a missing poster.

In maths we will learning about place value and recapping some of our learning from year 1, alongside an introduction to addition and subtraction strategies.

During the foundation subjects that we will focus on this half term include science, history, R.E, computing, design and technology, music and RSHE. In science we will be learning all about living things and their habitats, whilst also focussing on changes in living memory in History. During our R.E sessions we will focus our learning around what makes a place sacred and develop our knowledge of robot algorithms in computing lessons. RSHE lessons will develop the children’s knowledge about how to make a happy school, their local community and how to stay safe from online strangers. This half term will be fun of music as the children learn all about timbre and rhythm whilst developing their awareness of different musical genres.

Our topic for Autumn 2 is called ‘It all started on Pudding Lane’ which focusses around our history topic of the Great fire of London.

Below are some of the books we will be looking at during this topic.


Key Vocabulary that we will study during our topic ‘It all started on Pudding Lane.’

National                                  Globally                                   Artefacts

Emergency Services              Disaster                                   Modern Day and Past

London                                    The River Thames                  Reconstruction

Learning what these words mean will help you during this topic.


This half term’s learning will be focussed around ‘It all started on Pudding Lane’. Our topic will be driven by the events of the great fire of London and we will be focussing our literacy skills around instructions, letter writing, explanations and poetry.

In maths we will learning about addition and subtraction and understanding money. We will start to look at the local area in geography and continue to learn more about the Great fire of London in our history unit of work. During our PSHCE unit we will be focussing on the topic of bullying and developing our understanding of online safety and keeping our personal information safe. We will also complete an artist study on Andy Warhol and develop our own pop art style artwork focussed on Samuel Pepys.

Important Information

  • Our P.E days will be Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure your P.E kit is in school on these days and labelled with your name and class.
  • Please make sure your planner is in school every day so we are able to tell your grownups about your school learning and what you can be working on at home.
  • Children’s books will be swapped after they have read them three times. Please ensure that you write in the children’s planners so that I am able to swap them as soon as they need to be J
  • Spellings will be tested every Friday.

Dates for your diary

Autumn 1- Parents as partners - Sewing with your children

Autumn 2- Year 2 showcase

Home Learning

Each half term we will send out a home learning bingo grid with tasks for you to complete at home. Here are the Autumn challenges for you to try. 

Other home learning activities for Autumn Term are -

  • Counting in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s.
  • Practising your Year 2 spellings.
  • Practise the year 2 common exception words.
  • Practising adding and subtracting any 2 digit numbers.
  • Practise using your multiplication and division facts.


Useful Websites

  • White Rose Maths
  • Top marks
  • BBC bitesize
  • Phonics play
  • Oxford reading tree