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Jaguars (Y6)

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Mr Selkirk – Class Teacher

Mrs Milner - Teaching Assistant


Welcome to the Year 6 Jaguars class page. The staff at Waverley Junior Academy are looking forward to seeing you all flourish this year. On this page you will find key information regarding your transition to Year 6 and what exciting things we have planned.

Please click here to download the Y6 Topic Long Term Plan

Please click here to download the Y6 Maths Long Term Plan

Please click here to download the Y6 Writing Standards 

Summer 1 Term

Our first topic in Summer 1 is ‘Crime and Punishment’. This will be linking to the famous artist Banksy. We will be conducting an artist study and looking at what inspired Banksy’s artwork. We will also be learning all about electricity and light within our science lessons. In history we are going to begin to understand the Mayan culture and when this period of time took place. This will flow nicely into our music sessions as we will be producing music linked to the rainforest.




 Electricity, electrical appliance/device, mains, plug, electrical circuit, complete circuit, component, cell, battery, positive, negative, connect/connections, loose connection, short circuit, crocodile clip, bulb, switch, buzzer, motor, conductor, insulator, metal, non-metal, symbol


In English we will be completing a brochure on a holiday destination. This will be in the form of a persuasive advert. Then, we will be writing a TripAdvisor style review of their hotel. After that, we will be upskilling our previous published writing from throughout the year.

In Maths we will be revising previous learning throughout the year and become more secure in all areas. The we will be conducting a theme park investigation to support our understanding of money and budgets.

In RSHE we will cover the topic ‘Changing Bodies’ This will focus on body development and the changes experience growing up.

In Art we are going to be conducting an artist study on the famous artist ‘Banksy’. This links to our later topic of crime and punishment.

In Science we are deepening our understanding of electricity and light. We will be looking at shadows and how these are created.    

Important Information

P.E days: Monday (AM) & Friday (PM)

Spanish day: Wednesday (PM)

Key dates: 

SATS – 13th May 2024 – 16th May 2024

Pyjama day 16th May

Crowden – First week in July.

Graduation – 12th July