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Our Academy

Welcome to Waverley Junior Academy

Waverley Junior Academy admits children from 2 – 11 years old (FS0 – Y6).  Our current number on roll is 530, which includes a 30-place FS0 provision for 2-3 year olds, a 60-place FS1 provision for 4-5 year olds, and a 10-place KS2 integrated resource for children with Autism.  We are situated at the heart of a new housing development.

A message from the Principal

I am a firm believer that school should be fun, and that happy children are more likely to be successful. The staff at WJA see it as their responsibility to bring out our pupils’ talents, to celebrate their uniqueness and to broaden their experiences.  When our pupils leave WJA, to move onto secondary education, our aim for them is to be confident individuals; have an inner resilience to tackle the ever-changing demands of society; to not just be tolerant of others, but to actively embrace other people’s differences; to be able to communicate well as part of a team; and to be ready to make a positive contribution to their wider community.

Part of the success of WJA is the excellent care and guidance our pupils receive.  We not only have high expectations in terms of learning, but also with learning behaviours. Our academy is calm and well-ordered and we ensure the climate for learning is purposeful and focused.  Pupils know, and adhere to, our high behaviour expectations and they feel safe and secure in the knowledge that these systems are in place and are used effectively. Don’t take my word for this, ask the children!

WJA has a team of hugely talented and committed staff who make sure that our curriculum, guidance, care and support meets the different needs of every child. We pride ourselves on having high expectations and all staff actively embrace their role within the academy to ensure that all children reach their full potential.

I am incredibly proud to be the Principal of Waverley Junior Academy, and as I often say to people, I have the best jobs in the world!

Mrs Rachel Bolton – Principal