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Striving for




Remote Learning


The Remote Learning Policy aims to:

  • Ensure consistency in the approach to remote learning for pupils who are not in school
  • Set out expectations for all members of the school community with regards to remote learning
  • Provide appropriate guidelines for data protection


Please click to download the policy.

The Remote Learning Plan aims to:

  • Ensure all pupils will have access to the same curriculum entitlement whether they be in attendance at the academy or accessing education through remote learning.
  • Ensure that when accessing work remotely, all pupils are able to continue to learn and make progress


Please click to download the plan. 

Helpful Guides

Remote learning is a new concept for all of us. We have worked hard to create a remote learning package that we are extremely proud of. Our Remote Learning Guide has been created to support you as much as possible while you are based at home with your children. 

Please click here to download the Remote Learning Guide 

Google Classroom 

For online learning we will be using Google classroom.  

Please click here to download our Google Classroom Guide. 


Remote learning will require access to a device such as a smart phone, PC, IPad, tablet or laptop, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. Children can also access home learning through your SMART TV, Xbox or PlayStation. 

Please click here for advice on how to log on using different devices.