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Sharks (Y2)

Welcome to the Shark Class









Welcome to the Shark class page with Mrs Royle and Miss Dale. This page is for parents and children to use together and includes: information about what the Y2 children will be learning in class, homework and helpful websites to support class learning, and key dates for your diary.


Please click here to download the Y2 Topic Long Term Plan

Please click here to download the Y2 Maths Long Term Plan 

Please click here to download the Y2 Writing Standards


Summer Term

Our topic for Summer 1 is Inventions

In Summer 1, our History unit of learning focuses on inventors - The children will learn about three significant inventors and their inventions, and explore the idea that inventors are restricted/helped by the time period in which they lived. Our Science unit of learning will support the topic of Inventors, as the children will learn about materials and their properties. During this unit, the children will also develop their scientific skills by classifying materials and designing their own experiments to investigate the properties of different metals.   

In Design Technology, the children will design and make their own toy vehicle. They will follow the design process of investigating and evaluating existing products, completing a focus task (making a wheeled vehicle using a construction kit), designing and making their toy car and finally evaluating their car against the design criteria. In Computing, the children will learn to recognise that different devices can be used to capture photographs and then gain practical experience capturing, editing, and improving their own photos. Finally, they will use this knowledge to recognise that some images they see may not be real.

In Maths, the children will be learning about statistics. They will learn to make and interpret tally charts, tables, block diagrams and pictograms. They will then move onto shape, learning to recognise and name both 2D and 3D shapes, count vertices, sides and faces, draw shapes and identify lines of symmetry. 

In English, the children will write a setting description based around the class text 'Norton and Alpha'. They will focus on vocabulary, using a thesaurus to find interesting and ambitious adjectives to enhance their writing. They will also compose a riddle about a famous invention. In the week leading up to the SATs, the children will spend their lessons revisiting elements of SPAG. 


Key vocabulary that we will study during our topic Inventors

                      fake news                      

 materials     properties

inventor     invention     significant    

axle     lever     design criteria     product     evaluation



Learning what these words mean will help your child during this topic.


Our topic for Summer 2 is Join The Pride

As a hook for this half-terms learning, the children will watch the Disney film 'The Lion King'. This links closely with the Geography topic 'An African Adventure' where children will answer the enquiry questions: Where is Kenya?; What is the weather and climate like in Kenya?; What are the physical and human features of Kenya and how are Kenya and England similar and different?

In Science, the children will learn about plants. They will be looking at plants as a whole, and what they need to stay alive and healthy. We will build on what the children already know about plants, using lots of information from the 'life cycles' unit to reinforce what plants need at different stages of their lives. We will compare plants that grow in the warm climate of Kenya to plants that grow in the children's local area.  

In Maths, the children will complete the unit of learning 'Length and Height'. They will learn to measure in both centimetres and metres, order different lengths and heights and compare different lengths and heights, They will draw on their knowledge of the four operations and apply it to their understanding of length and height. The children will also learn about 'position and direction' using the language of position to describe movement and turns.




Key vocabulary that we will study during our topic ‘Join The Pride’

lifecycle     offspring     seeds     germinate     root     stem     leaves     flower

                human geography     physical geography     climate     continent 

               tempo     dynamics     pitch                            


Learning what these words mean will help your child during this topic.



Important Information

  • Our P.E days will be Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure P.E kits are in school and labelled with your child’s name and class.
  • Please make sure planners are in school every day. This allows us to communicate with you, telling you about your child’s school learning and how you can support them at home.
  • Children’s books will be changed on Fridays.
  • Spellings will be tested every Friday and new spellings given out.


Dates for your diary

Summer  1 - 

Magna school visit: TBC  

Parent workshop: 23rd May 9am



Home Learning

Each half-term we will send out a home learning bingo grid with tasks for you to complete at home. Here are the Summer challenges for you to try. 


Other home learning activities for the Autumn Term are -

  • Counting in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s.
  • Practising Y2 spellings.
  • Practise the Y2 common exception words.
  • Practising adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers.
  • Practise using multiplication and division facts.


Useful Websites

  • White Rose Maths
  • Top Marks
  • BBC Bitesize
  • Phonics Play
  • Oxford Reading Tree