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Leopards (Y4)

Welcome to the Leopard Class








Welcome to the Leopard class with Mrs. Pridmore and Mrs. Dyson. This page is for our parents and children to use together. It includes information about what Y4 are learning, key dates, homework and helpful websites. 


18.1.24 - SPAG Parent workshop slides


Please click here to download the Y4 Topic Long Term Plan

Please click here to download the Y4 Maths Long Term Plan

Please click here to download the Y4 Writing Standards

Spring term

Our topic for Spring 1 is… 

‘Amazing Amazon’ where we will be completing an in depth study of Brazil.  This will also include an overview of the continent of South America.  We will look at poverty and the need for industrial growth to frame the exploitation of the Amazon Rainforest.   Conservation will also be introduced which provides a background for later learning.



Useful vocabulary

Climate          equator          Southern hemisphere         sub-tropical               Brazil

Andes mountain range       trade                                       festivals        

indigenous                            rainforest                               urban                         rural

migration                               biodiversity                            oxygen                                  

carbon dioxide                      eco system                            deforestation             canopy

It would be really useful if you discussed these words to help develop their knowledge.


In English, we will start by writing a narrative story with a cliffhanger.  This will be based on ‘The Window’, which describes the rainforest.  After, we will write a persuasive argument about deforestation.  We will then look at poetry linked to the rainforest.

In maths, we will continue to learn about multiplication and division.  We will look at factor pairs before moving on to looking at multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.  Then, we will look at written methods for multiplication and division.  This will then see us moving onto length and perimeter.

Other learning:

In art, we will be completing an artist study on Henri Rousseau and creating some mixed media artwork inspired by South America.  In RE, we will be looking at why festivals are important and in music we will be looking at syncopation.

Our topic for Spring 2 is… 

‘Brilliant Biomes!’  We will be learning all about the different biomes around the world and how they are affected based on their location around the world. We will discover what animals and plants live in these biomes and how they can be adapted to survive in often extreme conditions! 


Key Vocabulary:

Precipitation                      climate                                 adaptation                          biome                   adaptation

nocturnal                             savannah                             grassland                             desert                   temperature

ecosystem                          habitat                                  temperate                          taiga                      native                  

altitude                                alpine                                    tundra                 

It would be really useful if you discussed these words to help develop their knowledge.

In English, we will be writing instructions on how to make a biome.  We will then be writing a balanced discussion around the topic of whether animals should live in zoos.  Following that, we will be writing a play script.

In maths, we will be looking at fractions.  We will be introducing mixed fractions and improper fractions.  There will also be some work on equivalent fractions along with adding and subtracting fractions.  We will then introduce decimals for the first time.

Other learning:

We will be learning about classification in science, which is linked with our class trip to the Butterfly House.  Our focus in RE will be the Easter story.  We will also be completing another computing unit.

Important Information

Our P.E days will be Tuesday and Thursday. Please make sure your P.E kits are in school for these days and are labelled with your name and your class.

Some children will be attending swimming lessons on a Tuesday.

Our weekly Spanish lesson will be on Wednesday

Our weekly spelling test will be on a Friday.

Our weekly times tables test will be on a Wednesday, but we will be practising times tables every day.


Dates for Your Diary

Parent Workshop – Thursday 18th January 2024

School trip – The Butterfly House – Wednesday 6th March 2024

Creative afternoon – Thursday 7th March 2024


Snow Leopard’s Home Learning

Each half-term, we will send out these bingo grids for you to complete at home. Tick off an activity once you have completed it. It would be lovely to see any pictures or completed pieces of homework! You will get a Honeybee token for every piece of work you complete and share.

Spring 1:



Spring 2: