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Penguins (FS1)

Welcome to the Penguin Class







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Welcome to the Penguin class with Miss Haywood and the FS1 team. This page is for our parents and children to use together. It includes information about what FS1 are learning, key dates, homework and helpful websites.

Please click here to download the FS1 Topic Long Term Plan

Please click here to download the FS1 Maths Long term Plan 

Summer Term

Our topic for Summer 1 is Animal Magic!

For the First half of Summer Term, we will be focusing on the topic 'Animal Magic' and will be looking at different books about animals. Each week we will take a different story off the bookshelf and base our learning around it. The stories will include ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, ‘Farmyard Hullabaloo’, and ‘Mad about Minibeasts’

In Literacy we will be naming the different parts of a book, order a story, practice blending and segmenting words, ask and respond to questions based on the book they have read.

In Maths we will be solving problems with include addition and subtraction, go on shape hunt in the classroom, recognise and name 3D shapes, order items by height and weight using the correct vocab.

Our Creative tasks will include using pastels to draw different animal’s patterns, make a picture of a giraffe in the Jungle, make a lifecycle of a butterfly, collage a picture of a farm scene and use paint to make a symmetrical butterfly.

Throughout the Topic we will complete lots of exciting activities including introducing structured phonics lessons that will support your child’s progression in FS2, begin learning phase 2 tricky words by sight, take part in a mini sports day, look at different ways that we can keep ourselves healthy and clean and also talk about the importance of Eid to people who celebrate it.

Our topic for Summer 2 is Take me to the Circus!



For the Second half of Summer Term, we will be focusing on the topic 'Take me to the Circus!' and will be focussing on all the exciting thing that happen at the Circus we will also be able to watch a circus show and take part in in a circus activity workshop! Each week we will take a different story off the bookshelf and base our learning around it. The stories will include ‘I see a Circus, you see…’, ‘The Greatest Showpenguin’ and ‘Your first day at Circus school’.

In Literacy we will be looking at pictures from the story and forming full sentence about the picture, we will also be writing initial sounds characters or objects from a book, we will be writing our names lots to make sure we are ready for FS2 and we will continue working on our phonics skills.

In Maths we will be estimating amounts using the correct vocabulary, we will also be describing and correcting repeating patterns and we will be ordering photos from a familiar routine that happens each day such as getting ready for school.

Our Creative tasks will include making clown faces, making Father’s day cards, using our cutting skills to make a circus tent, making an Elephant on a ball and practicing blow paint art to create a Lions mane.

Throughout the Topic we will complete lots of exciting activities including recapping phase 2 tricky words, discuss how we feel about moving to a new class or school, look at the importance of road safety, practice getting themselves dressed and undressed ready for PE, look at a map and recognise what the difference is between land and water and look at forces.

Story time 

Books shared at story time have been carefully selected to ensure our pupils; learn new vocabulary, speak in clear sentences, develop their conversational skills, deepen their understanding and ask and answer questions.

Please click here to look at the FS1 Story Time Planning

The Penguin Room 

The Penguin Room is fun, engaging, exciting, safe and secure!


The children take part in a variety of activities including, phonics, number time, P.E, art and crafts, painting, building, role-play, circle time, singing and much more! 


We encourage the children to be independent, kind, resilient, polite and caring. 


Important Information

Our P.E day is Tuesday. The children do not need a P.E kit. 

Dates for your Diary 

Ramadan- March 22nd- April 21st 

Eid al-Fitr – April 21st/22nd

Creative Afternoon- 24th April

World Penguin Day- April 25th

FS1 Stay and Play- 3rd May

The Kings Coronation- 6th May

Mental Health Awearness week- 13th- 20th May

Endangered Animal Day- 19th May

Walk to school week 22nd -26th May

Fathers Day- 18th June

World Music Day- 21st June

Eid al-Adha- 28th June

FS1 Stay and Play- 6th July

FS1 End of year showcase- 11th/12th July

Last day- 21st July

Home Learning

Each half term we will send out a home learning bingo grid with tasks for you to complete at home. Here are the Autumn challenges for you to try. 

Summer 1 learning grid

Summer 2 leaning grid

Other home learning activities for Summer Term are -

  • Learning a new nursery rhyme each week
  • Sharing stories with a grown up
  • Orally blending CVC words